Acknowledging the fact that a library is a storehouse of knowledge, the school has provided students with a library architecture that is inspirational and conducive to learning, improved communication, and interaction.

Our school library, a treasure trove of knowledge, has state-of-the-art infrastructure to provide students a place to learn, think, and share ideas.

As knowledge is freely available in the digital world, we have incorporated computer systems in our library along with an internet connection so that a world of knowledge is readily available to students.


At GJPS, we believe Nobel laureates are not created in huge research facilities, but in the humble school labs. Our labs bring learning to life as students get to explore, experiment, and form their own conclusions. We make sure that our students are provided with all facilities required for a practical experience – in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology labs.

A hub of modern facilities and equipment, GJPS’s labs play a key role in the educational effectiveness of the curriculum in attaining effective, cognitive, and practical goals.


To encourage students to learn through practice, we have provided our students with a fully-equipped mathematics lab. Here they can access the study materials for performing different mathematical experiments. In addition to regular assignments, students also play mathematical games like puzzles in the lab area.

Mathematics laboratory serves to teach students about different methodologies and bridges the gap between the real and the abstract world. Their skills of reasoning, logical thinking, and connecting ideas enhance with every lab session.


information technology has become integral to every walk of life. With a fully-equipped computer lab, we expose students early to computer education. We have qualified teachers for assisting students to search for information, create multimedia presentations, execute project work, and creatively present the content that they have gathered after a comprehensive search from multiple sources.


We believe that play enhances every aspect of a child’s development and learning. In fact, it is the child’s window to the external world and forms the foundation of social, intellectual, physical, and emotional skills that are requisite for success in school as well as life.

The very idea of including play, in the required ratio with the academics, fulfills the prime objective of enriching students with creativity and thinking skills. To accomplish this, we allow students to explore different environments by providing them playfields and facilities for basketball, Cricket, Taekwondo, etc.