The school endeavours to provide education in a stress-free atmosphere. Maintaining a teacher-pupil ratio of 1:20, the school encourages a spirit of enquiry among the students rather than information oriented pedantic learning. While encouraging a spirit of initiative, independence and self-reliance, a value-based undercurrent is maintained in keeping with the vision, mission and values of the school. Every effort is directed to enrich the students with knowledge of the rich cultural heritage of the country. The general environment of the school is woven round the age-old reverence for the teachers, elders, a spirit of tolerance and love for the motherland.
The school synthesizes the best of the oriental and the occidental education to make a good and true Indian and World Citizen. The school has evolved a pattern of ’Holistic’ education, which aims at developing the intellect, the physique and social consciousness of the growing child. The school strives to instil devotion, loyalty and ’never give in’ determination into the beings of the learners. The basic aim underlines the formation of a resolute character, a well-groomed personality with appropriate thoughts full of reason towards meaningful actions.